Great work! I love your site.
It is the ONLY one that actually has phrases
that can be used in real life!
In ANY language!
P. Gouws, Australia

Why use FunkyUkrainian?

You get access to a powerful Ukrainian language learning tool that gives you a headstart in real, conversational Ukrainian.

Full Audio
Featuring both normal speed and slow learner's speed

Audio loops
Continuous audio drilling for effortless memorization

Native speakers
Recorded by real native speakers of Ukrainian

Romanized text
Text transcribed with English letters. Easy Peasy

No grammar-hassle
Listen, repeat, use! It's that simple

Confidence builder
Optional tests for self-assessment
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I looked for such a site for a long time,
and finally I found what I needed.
FunkyUkrainian is simply awesome!
Boston, USA

Your products are a great addition to my undergraduate studies
of the Ukrainian language
where I wouldn't even hope to be able to learn
romantic phrases and such.
Keep up the good work!
Tom, Australia

3 sections to help you learn Ukrainian


Funky Ukrainian to Impress is jam-packed with expressions you can use to impress your Ukrainian friends, expressions that lend fluency to your speech (surprise, astonishment, politeness, anger, slang, etc.). When using these fluency markers, you appear to know more than you might actually know, because these phrases are not of the kind you find in a regular Ukrainian grammar book that most foreigners start studying from – they are characteristic of everyday Ukrainian speech, the living Ukrainian language.

Be able to say phrases like: How have you been doing? , Nothing much , See you later! , Absolutely! , That's right! , Bullshit! , That's not true , That's none of your business , I love it!

Your Ukrainian friends will definitely be amused and impressed with your use of the kind of active vocabulary you can acquire only through Funky Ukrainian to Impress.


Funky Ukrainian to Love is a great language resource to learn all the Ukrainian you need so that you can deepen your existing romantic relationship, or forge a new one in a unique way.

It is filled with lots of authentic Ukrainian love phrases recorded by our native Ukrainian language experts - Oksana and Nikolai. The phrases cover various important categories, such as Compliments, Pick-up Lines, Requests for Love, Marriage Proposals, Wrapping up Conflicts, and much more.
Learn to ask for a kiss or a hug in Ukrainian. Learn how to tell her/him how sexy she/he is. Learn how to ask for forgiveness when the going gets tough. Learn how to attract her/his attention with one of our pick up lines. Give a fresh boost to your love life.

Be able to say phrases like: My darling , Honey , My heart beats only for you , You are the one I was waiting for , You look very sexy , Are you free tonight? , I miss you , Marry me! , You make me happy!

Your Ukrainian sweetheart will definitely be flattered with your use of lovely romantic phrases as well as other relationship-related expressions you can acquire only through Ukrainian to Love.


Free Funky Ukrainian General Vocabulary Builder

Use this resource to enrich your overall vocabulary. Learn words from a selection of categories such as: Family members , Describing people , In the City , Numbers , etc.

This extensive full-audio jam-packed resource is featuring all the characteristics of the paid sections (normal audio speed, slow learner's audio speed, loops, tests).

If you enjoy it, please share your find with all your friends or anybody who would benefit from it. Feel free to link to us. We really appreciate it!

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The Funky Ukrainian Method

Full Audio featuring normal speed and learner's speed!

Many language courses out there offer you recordings only at a very slow speed. That is good, having in mind that you’re a beginner and need to start distinguishing the various Ukrainian sounds, however, once you land in Ukraine or get together with your Ukrainian friends, would you really like to speak THAT slow? People usually speak fast, at a so-called conversational speed, in their everyday lives. In order for you to understand what native Ukrainians tell you, you must have practiced listening to fast speech. We offer both.

Audio Loops

The FunkyUkrainian method is designed to drill the Ukrainian audio right into your brain so that you may learn Ukrainian as effortlessly as possible. Each and every Ukrainian phrase is accompanied by a slow recording and a fast recording as explained above AND loops of those recordings. You can use the loops to play the recordings indefinitely until you decide you’ve had enough and press the loop button again. As you know, there’s no learning without memorization, so you do need to memorize those Ukrainian phrases. However, memorization is oftentimes associated with cramming, which is quite a fun-devoid way of learning. That’s why the loops – so you can spend as much time as you want listening to a native speaker repeat the phrases you want to hear as many times as you wish, until you can actually remember it. The audio loops will make your memorization effortless.

Native speakers

The FunkyUkrainian phrases are recorded by our native Ukrainian language experts - Oksana and Nikolai.

Romanized text

Instead of simply using the Cyrillic script, we have transliterated it with Latin letters, which will make it easier for you to concentrate on learning the vocabulary. Step by step, one thing at a time. The focus in the Funky Ukrainian language resources is on teaching you pronunciation and vocabulary without putting undue stress on you with a new writing system.

No grammar-hassle

Our phrases and expressions are already set in sentences. Just learn them and use them. It is that simple. Listen and repeat!

Confidence builder

Optional end-of-section tests & a final exam! You can always check how you are doing, and get answer feedback right away.